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Participant Announcement: Liz Ramos!

The Diva returns! Back on the roster for the second time round is Liz Ramos! We have been huge fans of her work for ages and love her style, she has this awesome ability to transform any given creative platform into something hypnotically beautiful with a heavy dose of femininity. Here is a fun fact, her piece was considered to be so pretty, that last year it actually got stolen from the exhibition place! Talk about irresistible!

Here is a look at some of her work!

Here is some more information on the Diva herself!

Liz Ramos-Prado is a Peruvian Graphic Designer, currently working as an Information Graphic Artist and Illustrator for newspapers and magazines in Dubai.

She has also being participating in several artistic group exhibitions, displaying paintings, drawings, installations and digital art.

“I like keeping versatility on my work, not only with the different mediums and surfaces I work with, like pencils, acrylics, wood, paper or digital; but also producing conceptual illustrations which can depict social, political or economic issues, and a more personal work, full of female characters, focused on feminism, beauty and on the exploration of a personal reflections of life”.

Liz has been recently invited by the Jamjar to showcase in a collective art exhibition in Al Dhabi Square in Abu Dhabi with one of her MEGA that she has customized.

More of her work at:

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