Project: MEGA 2.0

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Project: MEGA 2.0

Can you believe that it has almost been one year since we successfully launched the initial ‘Project: MEGA’ at the Dubai International Financial Center last year!? With a collaboration of 100 locally based artists no less!

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who supported the event last year and everyone involved who made it as big as it could possibly be!

And now the time has come again! After a whole year of waiting we’re back to launch ‘Project: MEGA 2.0′ to celebrate the release of ‘MEGA 2.0′ that now features 3 awesome accessory sets that most of you have seen from the teasers already! If you haven’t, here’s a look at the ‘Urban Child’!

Excited yet?! Well, we’re now ready to recruit some more of Dubai’s very own talented creative minds and take the city over in a celebration of the urban arts!

Want to be part of the Middle East’s Largest Custom Toy Exhibition?! This is what you have to do!

  1. Get in touch with us!
  2. Send us your creative portfolio to ‘’
  3. Wait for our response!

We don’t like rules but there is one though!

  • You must be a creative mind residing in the Emirates.

In order to qualify and participate in ‘Project: MEGA 2.0′ we will assess you based on one thing and one thing alone!

  • A unique and creative edge!

If you were chosen as one of the participants, this is what you can look forward to!

  1.  An announcement as a participant!
  2. A free MEGA 2.0 to customize and a display stand to keep!
  3. Your customized MEGA 2.0 to be displayed during the life of the exhibition as part of the 100 strong invasion!

Here are a few other details of the event!

Time: February 2012 (you obviously have to be in the country for the event!)
Venue: To be announced at a later date.
Closing date for submissions: End of May.

And here are some useful links and contact points!

This year will be slightly different though! Well we’ve obviously got bigger plans now, it is an invasion after all!

We look forward to your submissions! Good luck to you all! It’s a celebration!


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